HIHS want to be at the forefront for our communities and clients by offering innovative programs:

The mobile clinic will focus on neuro, gait and upper limb Functional tasks, Education in the Home,  Adaptation and Restoration using Robotics, Virtual Reality and Computer assisted therapy as well as traditional methods such as Constraint Induced movement. Each client’s program is designed according to their goals and in the context of their community in which they belong.

For clients living with neurological and cognitive impairment we can set up a customised Brain training program with in-depth coaching for a 4 week period and monthly follow ups for a year. The Brain training is designed by our Occupational Therapists with cognitive assessments carried out pre-program and repeated at 12 months. The customised programs are supervised by our Allied Health Assistant team and we train community support workers or carers wherever possible.

We provide the best quality and innovative services

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