Hallmark Integrated Health Services

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“Wunya Ngulum”

Welcome Everyone


To provide the best quality services through a talented and committed team of Allied Health Professionals


To push the boundaries and be creative so that our clients and communities achieve their goals


To nurture real partnerships and work together to overcome the challenges and obstacles we encounter


To evaluate our services and programs and through the feedback we gain improve what we do


To achieve occupational and social justice for our First Nations Peoples and People living with Disability in Regional Communities

Our Principles

Client Centred

We ensure your care relates specifically to your goals, your choices and that you are in the drivers seat

Team Approach

Each Allied Health Professional brings their specialist expertise and works alongside our clients

Evidence Based Practice

Innovation and best practice matters to your adjustment, adaptation and success

Innovative Programs

Our focus is community and client directed therapy services. We provide restorative, wellness and context based therapy to help our clients grow, develop and flourish. Why? To achieve better functional, adjustment, adaptive and occupational outcomes as determined by our Clients not our therapists. Our team at HIHS want to be at the forefront for our communities and clients. Overall we believe in "feet on the ground" programs that are designed in each context or environment and with a ground -up functional approach.

Goal Oriented Programs

The team at HIHS tailor programs to your needs, goals, impairment or health condition status. We focus on gains and the best possible outcomes. Technology and Interactive robotic devices are just some of our innovations. Using our Enablement approach we are always looking for inspiration and ways to increase the Independence (autonomy), relatedness (self-determination) and competence of our clients across all stages - childhood, teens, adulthood and retirement. Your needs are our priority!